Festivities in Andorra

Discover the festivities in Andorra and the holiday calendar.

Festivities in Andorra
Festivities in Andorra. © Jodri Troguet

Andorra does have a good amount of bank holidays in the year. Here are some of the most important ones, their dates, and locations:

Winter Festivities in the following locations:

Sant Julià de Lòria:

Two Sundays before Christmas, there is an interesting market in Main Square. Each 26th is held San Esteve, with its popular cagatió, also called tio,singing, and gift giving. Also note Els Pastorets where a Christmas theatrical representation is held representing the birth of Christ and the Wise Men journay.

On January the 6th, as in Spain, the Three Wise Men give away gifts and lively parades are held. On January 20th is the San Sebastián Festivity organized by a Cofradía since 1892.

Carnival is another important festivity in this area in the winter months. In the afternoon takes place a rúa with music band and comparsas followed by dinners with grilled meats and wines.

On Tuesday night, the mock judgment and burning of the Carnestoltes occurs, a iconic character of the festivities, and also a masquerade ball.

Andorra la Vella and Santa Coloma:

On January 17th is held the Festa de Sant Antoni, patron of the animals, when all pets and animals are blessed in the parish. At noon, the locals of Andorra la Vella gather in the main square to eat a typical dish shared among those attending along with wine and a local dessert known as El Tortell de Sant Antoni.

Carnival is also a much regarded date in Andorra la Vella. On Sunday takes place a Gran Rúa with carriages from all parishes, whereas on Monday and Tuesday are held other local popular events such as dances, parades, and music bands. At noon on Wednesday, food is shared as part of “l’apart de la conòrida” an ancient tradition from 1777.


In this town of Andorra, during the days before Christmas, Santa Claus (Papa Noel) walks around the streets giving away sweets.

Also popular is the Festa de l’Arbre, where gifts are exchanged and a representation of the Pessebre Vivent is held, along with the parade of the Three Wise Men.

Carnival, on Saturday afternoon in Part de la Mola, also includes the slaughtering of a pig; whereas on Sunday, there is a free children hot-chocolate give away. On Tuesday, a mock trial is held and, in the evening, the Carnestoltes are burnt.

Encamp and Pas de la Casa:

On January 17th, the Festa dels Encants de Sant Antoni is held, where objects and food donated by the locals are auctioned, the profits going to the parish. On Carnival Sunday, the Judici dels Contrabandistes is held, on Monday afternoon, a funny pantomime is represented known as Ball de l’Ossa, during which brown bread, allioli, and wine are shared just before the Correfocs. On Tuesday, a parade is held with the representation of L’Operació de Carnestoltes; and on Wednesday, after the slaughtering of a pig, the Carnestoltes are burn and a kind of food known was coca and wine are shared.


In Canillo, carols (nadales) are sung around a fire and wine is shared along with coca after the Missa del Gall (a midnight mass), during Christmas Eve or Nit de Nadal. During the following days take place the Jocs de la Neucon, with snow games and competitions, as well as a parade of the Three Wise Men. In Carnival, a charade with harlequins parades from Canillo, whereas - at night - the Tribunal de la Crema burns the Carnestoltes.


During Carnival, in this town funny sleigh rides are held with car tires in Soldeu, whereas on Sunday afternoon there is a chocolate give away for children in costumes. On Monday, butifarra sausage is shared with brown bread and wine in the Main Square. On Wednesday night, you can see the torch-lit descend in the Soldeu tracks to farewell the Arlequins.


In Ordino, during Carnival Monday is held a representation of El Robatori de l’Olla de Brou a las cuineres by the group Comparsa dels Contrabandistes, and on tuesday there is a tasting of the typical soup of Andorra, known as l’olla de Bro, and a burlesque pantomime called Ball d l’óssa.

La Massana:

In January 17, it’s held the Festivity of San Antonio, patron of the parish of La Massana. After the mass takes place an auction, and then the sharing of a typical casserole known as La Escudella in Main Square. In late January is celebrated the festivity of San Antoni Abad, patron of animals, when several open-air markets are set.

Festivities in Andorra during the Spring:

On April 23 takes place the Día de Sant Jordi, where flowers and gifts are exchanged.

Sant Julià de Lóira:

On the last Sunday of May is held the Romería to the Sanctuary of the Virgen de Canòlic, where there are several dance contests in Plaça Nova.

Andorra la Vella:

In spring, in May 15, in Andorra la Vella, are held the Festivities of San Isidro, with processions with images of the saint.


On April 27 are held the main festivities of the Virgen de Montserrat.


The first Sunday of May are held here the festivities of L’Abre de Maig, where a tree is planted in front of every church.

Summar Bank Holidays and Festivities in Andorra:

On June 24, is celebrated the summer solstice in Andorra. It’s known as Festivity of San Juan, where the locals from each neighborhood gather around the flames to dance and eat.

Sant Julià de Lòira:

On June 24, the night of San Juan is celebrated with its traditional night-life and fireworks. On July 10 is the day of San Cristóbal, when you can see the blessing of cars and vehicles in front of the church. Since 1983, the last Sunday of July means the Fiesta Mayor (Major Festivity) with contests, parades and fireworks, as well as shooting contests, children activities, singing of habanera music, and much more. On August 15 you can attend the Romería to the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Caólic. Also in August, although variable date, is the Day of the Tourist, with a children's festival and a giant paella.

Andorra la Vella and Santa Coloma:

The first day of July is celebrated the Fiesta Mayor del Cap del Career. On Saturday night you can attend a dinner with grilled sardines, a dance, and a sharing of desserts and moscatel wine. On Sunday there is a hot-chocolate give-away.

The Fiesta Mayor de Andorra la Vella takes place the first Sunday of August. There are street parades, music, and costumes. Since 1983, there is also a typical dance celebrated, known as Contrapàs. The third Sunday of August takes place the Fiesta Mayor de Santa Coloma with fireworks.

On May 15, takes place the Festivities of San Isidro with a procession, and on the third Sunday of July, the Festa de la Planta i la Flor (Plants and Flower festivity), with a contest and interesting exhibition.


On July 25 it’s San Jaime day, with the sounding of bells and a procession. On the 26, the day of Santa Sana. Also in August is the day of the Tourist, with a folkloric festival, popular dances, and habanera singing. Also there is the election of the “publilla” and “pubilleta”, representing the Andorran women.

Encamps and Pas de la Casa:

Since 1986, the last Sunday of June is when several traditional dance groups gather to celebrate the Aplec d´esbarts. In late June takes place the festivity known as Cross d´Encamps.

The Fiesta Mayor de Encamps takes place on August 15 each year. It has drinking contests from traditional recipients, and shooting competitions. It also implies the election of the “pubilla”, as well as a ceremony honoring the elder and youngest of the town. The last day, the festivities are closed with fireworks.

The Fiestas del Poblet take place on the last Sunday of June. On June 29, takes place the Fiesta Mayor de San Pedro, Pas de la Casa. Fairs occur on September 9, the second Sunday of October, and November 20.

El Tarter:

The Fiesta Mayor del Tarter takes place on June 29. There is a celebration for children and shooting contest.


The second Sunday of Juley is when the Fiesta Mayor de Soldeu takes place, with a children festival, chocolate eating, and surprise rally. On August 26, is the Fiesta de l’Arbre.


The Fiesta Mayor de Canillo is the third Sunday of July, with a procession with musicians and costumes.

On August 16 is celebrated the Fiestas de San Roc, with a communal picnic at noon and children activities. The National Day of Andorra is on Septemebr 8, with main events in the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Meritxell.

Ordino, El Serrat and Sornàs:

The Fiestas de El Serrat on June 29.

The Fiestas de Soràs taking place in San Roque, in August 16.

The Fiestas de Roser in the first Sunday of July, in Ordino, when roses are offered to collect money for the celebrations.

The Fiesta de San Juan (June 24) takes places in Sornàs and wine and dessert coca is shared.

Anyós, Arinsal, Erts, La Massana, Pal and Sispony:

The Fiesta Mayor de Anyós (July 10) is the festivity of San Cristóbal and implies the blessing of cars and vehicles and well as sharing of food and drink. The Fiesta de Arinsal is the Sunday before the last one of August with parades, shooting competitions, contests, and processions.

The Fiestas de Ets are the third Sunday of July with motocross contests and dances.

The Fiestas de L’Aldosa de la Massana take place on the last Sunday of August and there are petanca contests, parades, popular dances and horse shows.

The Fiestas de La Massana are on August 15 and last for three days with many different activities, contests, chocolate eating and dances.

The Fiestas de Pal are the last Sunday of June and there is a cyclist competition, shooting contest and parades.

The Fiestas de Sispony take place on June 24 in the day of San Juan.

Fall festivities in Andorra:

Sant Julià de Lòria:

On the first Sunday of October takes place the Fira del Roser, with exhibition of Andorran products.

Ordino, Llorts and El Serrat:

The Fiestas de Ansalonga on September 29.

The Fiestas de La Cortinada in the first Sunday of September.

The Fiestas de Llorts the last Sunday of September.

The Fiestas de Ordino are celebrated in San Cornelio and San Cipriano, with typical dances.

The Ferias are on April 8th, and the first or second Sunday of October. In October also takes place the Mostra Gastronòmica d’Andorra, with tasting of typical dishes cooked by the most important restaurants in the area. This is a must-visit for the lovers of food.

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