Cuisine in Andorra

Discover the cuisine of Andorra and what to eat there. 

Cuisine in Andorra
Cuisine in Andorra

Traditional Andorran cuisine has always been linked to its condition of a country being in the Pyrenees. Its main recipes are similar to those in Catalan provinces in Spain, where they have developed during centuries heavily influenced by the cattle and farming cultures.

The cuisine in Andorra is the legacy of the former inhabitants, and it comes as no surprise that it has strong Spanish and French influences. In Andorra, you will find a great quantity of restaurants where to taste the delectable traditional recipes elaborated with products of great quality and combined with modern techniques.

The Principality of Andorra features several relevant culinary events year-round, that help to keep alive the local cuisine. The Escudella de Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastià (in January), the Butifarrada and the Sardinada de Carnaval, the winter cooking celebration of Lo Mandongo, and the Tapa Trail (in Feburary), the Riveu l’Aperitiu (every Sunday during Spring in Sant Julià de Lória), the cuisine cycle or Sabors del Món (in July and August), and the Andorra Cuisine Exhibition (September, in Ordino), and the Massana Fogons (in October too), are just some of the examples.

Typical dishes in Andorra.

Typical dishes in Andorra
Typical dishes in Andorra.

The typical dishes to eat in Andorra are common to most high regions on the mountains. They are centered around elements such as fungi, river trout, grilled meat, allioli, and cold cuts. Some of the most renowned are: the “trinxat de montaña” made of potatoes, green cabbage, bacon, and garlic; and the Escudella, a typical casserolette from Cataluña.

Cim de Cel, ethe wine of Andorra.

To eat is to enjoy a kind of art in Andorra, and can only be improved by a good wine, something not hard in Andorra, since the principality features the best wine collections in the world. Besides that, it does feature a national wine produced there and named “Cim de Cel”. Given the height of the land, Cim de Cel is the wine produced at a greatest height in Europe.

Cousine Shops

Those who love cuisine will find in Andorra several shops focused in typical Andorran cuisine. Shopping in these areas can surprise our guests or just allow us to prepare delectable dishes of the Andorran cuisine back home.

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