How to get to Andorra

Learn more about the main means of transportation to Andorra.

Andorra is located near main urban nodes in France and Spain, making it easy to find transport to access Andorra.

The main means of transportation to go to Andorra from Spain, France, and Portugal are the bus and the car. It’s common to use the train or a plane to some of the closer locations to Andorra, and then take the bus or a car to Andorra. It’s also possible to take a bus directly to Andorra from a variety of cities in Spain, France, and Portugal, but can be long and tiring.

From other countries, as well as other cities in these countries, you should take a plane to Barcelona, Toulouse, or Girona, and then a car or bus to Andorra. The bus takes around three to four hours.

Main means of transportation to Andorra:

AutocarroBus journeys to Andorra
Conheça como são as viagens de autocarro e quais as principais empresas que realizam estes serviços.

vooFlight to Andorra
Learn more about flying to andorra and close cities.

comboiHow to get to Andorra by train? 
Learn more about taking the train to Andorra or close cities.

carroDriving a car to Andorra 
Learn more about driving a car to Andorra.

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