Customs and Borders in Andorra

What does Customs in Andorra look like?

Customs and Borders in Andorra
Customs and Borders in Andorra.

Since Andorra does not belong to the European Union, it does have two border crossings, one to France (Pas de la Casa) and one to Spain (Farga de Moles). Both are open 24h a day.

What documents should I produce to access Andorra?

Customs official will ask you to produce the following documents when entering Andorra:

Visitors that are citizens of the European Union:

- ID or Passport (all travellers).
- ID or Passport + Family Record Book (underage travellers travelling with their parents).
- ID or Passport + entrance permit issued by Local Police (unaccompanied underagre travellers).

Visitors from other countries:

Visitors from other countries outise the EU will be asked to produce the documents to enter Spain or France, and the passport. You may also be required to produce a multientrance visa from your country of origin should it be outside the Schengen space.

Custom Duties in Andorra:

When crossing Customs, there is a series of products that are not subject to duties, and other that need to be declared.

Here is a list of the maximum amounts of products you can take without having to pay duties:

Coffee: 1.000 grams or 400 exact grams.
Tea: 200 grams or 80 exact grams.
Alcoholic drinks: 1,5 liters of drinks of 22 degrees or over; or 3 liters for drinks under 22 degrees. Table wine or sparkling wine has a limit of 5 liters.
Tobacco: 300 cigarettes or 150 cigarettes ( if they weight less than 3 grams per unit), 75 cigarettes (if they weight more than three grams per unit). Up to 300 grams of pipe tobacco.

For other agricultural products, each person over 15 years of age can take, without paying duties, up to 300 euros in value. If you have 15 years, you can only take 150€.

This applies as long as the following quantities are not surpassed:

Fresh milk: 6 l.
Meat: 5 kg.
Sugar and Sweets: 5 kg.
Cheese: 4 kg.
Condensed Milk: 3kg.
Powdered Milk: 2,5kg.
Butter: 1 kg.

Industrial products have individual and specific regulations:

Cologne can be transported freely up to 375ml, perfume up to 75 grams.

For the rest of products, you can transport up to 900 euros per person (450 if under 15 years of age).

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